still image of floating planets in a museum with a glass ceiling. from "Secrets of a Lost World," a 3D game created by senior AET students at UT Austin
Secrets of a Lost World

In Secrets of a Lost World, play as a student alien on a school field trip, exploring a museum cataloging the rise and fall of an ancient civilization through the context of different sustainable timelines. Uncover the secret of the museum, and figure out the mystery of this lost civilization.

Senior Design Project by Lost G.O.A.T. Studios:

  • Albert Escobedo
  • Cash Condon
  • Garret Wied
  • Sarah Huseth
  • Zoe Orgish
title image for "The Soundtrack of the Sea: An Animated Short"
The Soundtrack of the Sea: An Animated Short

The Soundtrack of the Sea is an animated short made in an attempt to educate all audiences on the importance of underwater acoustics and the way noise pollution from over-boating is affecting underwater ecosystems all throughout the ocean. The short follows the main character, Snappy, through his experience of noise pollution at his home reef and what he does to help his friends and family.

Senior Design Project by:

  • Lili Gillmor
  • Davey Newton
  • Emma Berrigan
  • Ramina Nejad
  • Isabella Droz
still image of a shipwreck off the shores of the island in "Revival," a 3D game created by senior AET students at UT Austin

Revival is a single-player adventure game in which you take on the role of Iokua, a young man who has found himself stranded on a seemingly deserted island. Explore the island as you awaken its spirit buried deep within and unravel the secrets that have been left behind.

Senior Design Project by:

  • Abhay Ram
  • Dustin Maxwell
  • Jonathan Lima
  • Katie Roach
  • Lina Breining
still image of humanoid robots standing in front of large buildings at night from "The Long Night," an original game created by senior AET students at UT Austin. caption reads "I just want social interaction..."
The Long Night

The Long Night interprets the theme of "sustainable future" as sustaining oneself and sustaining your own future. In the context of the project, this theme is focused upon sustaining one's mental state in light of the lifestyle changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Senior Design Project by:

  • Joshua Beck
  • Clara Ham
  • Ean Herrera
  • Jordan Jenkins
3D rendering of Austin in 2035 from senior AET design project "A More Sustainable Austin"
A More Sustainable Austin

A More Sustainable Austin includes two animations of various 3D rendered environments throughout the city of Austin. The two videos are nearly identical, but one is in the present while the other is set 15 years in the future in 2035, when Austin Energy intends for the city to achieve 100% carbon-free energy generation. This project helps identify key factors that will define a society with a more sustainable future and serves as an opportunity to highlight the environmentally friendly steps already being taken by the city of Austin. 

Senior Design Project by Group 4 Studio:

  • Alex Carriles
  • Pete Cimino
  • Adrianna Gonzalez
  • Lazaro Contreras
  • Yushan Sha
text reads "Fabric: a 360 degree immersive experience highlighting the consequences of fast fashion on the thousands of lives who work to create the clothing"

F@bR1c (pronounced "fabric") is an immersive educational experience about the hidden impact that current trends in fashion consumerism have on the environment and the workers involved in the production chain. The piece is an interactive digital installation that showcases a 3D modeled quilt made of individual pieces of clothing stitched together to represent different stories of real people and places that have experienced the negative impacts of fast fashion.

Senior Design Project by:

  • Pollyanna O'Hair
  • Riley Zawistowski
  • Hannah Hurst
  • Austin Blankenship
  • Roxanne Springman
screen shot of home screen for "Gelum," an original 2D game created by senior AET students at UT Austin

Gelum is a narrative-driven 2D platformer that focuses on environmental consciousness and how it effects the player's world. The player can choose to either be environmentally friendly or choose the big business route while interacting with the townspeople.

Senior Design Project by Studio 8:

  • Ellen Hernandez
  • Jada Haynes 
  • Amanda Willis
  • Matthew Garcia
  • Angel Jimenez 
  • Olivia Elmers
screen shot from Aura Wielders, a user interface created by AET student Britney Luong at UT Austin
Aura Wielders

Aura Wielders is the user interface of a 2.5D fighting game in which users can get a sense of:

  • Choosing classes, auras, and stages
  • How to customize your own character
  • What the HUD will look like in a match
  • The futuristic/fantasy theme of Aura Wielders

Created by Britney Luong for Professor MJ Johns' UI/UX for Games class.

character designs and still images from "The Melting Pot," a short story animatic created by senior AET students at UT Austin
The Melting Pot

The Melting Pot is a short story told via animatic that follows the protagonist, Niku, as she enters a seemingly perfect society called The Melting Pot. The Melting Pot is one of the only functional civilizations left after a global disaster, and Niku is a desperate survivor. She learns that The Melting Pot is extremely sustainable thanks to the process of recycling. After finding out how far ‘recycling’ actually goes, however, Niku questions whether a sustainable paradise is worth sacrificing her morals...

Senior Design Project by Group 10:

  • Lauren Price
  • Natalie Garner
  • Tyler Grendel
  • Stephanie Martin
  • Grant Cooper
Wide shot of student performing in the foreground while instructors observe in the background
Digital Musicianship Selected Projects

Listen to selected tracks created by AET students for Professor Sam Lipman's Digital Musicanship class:

screen shot of video of AET student Jasper Murphy playing multiple instruments and singing his original song, "Lightspeed"

In this video, AET senior Jasper Murphy sings and plays all the instruments for his original song, "Lightspeed." Created for Professor Sam Lipman's Digital Musicianship class.

collage of in-progress photos of an accessible game controller created by students in Jessie Contour's Tangible Gaming Interfaces class
Accessible Gaming Projects

Accessible gaming projects created by students in Professor Jessie Contour's Tangible Gaming Interfaces class.

screen shot of The Sims 4 mod by UT Austin students. A Sim stands in a living room with a PS5 and Xbox X as well as Star Wars characters R2-D2 and "baby Yoda"
Gamer Mod: The Sims 4

This mod adds the PS5, Xbox Series X, a new microphone decoration, and a dual screen computer into The Sims 4, as well as a way to pay an eSports professional to teach your Sim how to game and a new phone interaction to gain gaming skill faster.

Project for Professor Tyler Coleman's Game Modding class by:

  • Sarah Huseth
  • Laksha Parajuli
  • Garret Wied
screen shot of "Moth Knight," a complete mod of the game "Hollow Knight" by AET students at UT Austin
Moth Knight

Moth Knight is a complete reworking of Hollow Knight's movement system to make "The Floor is Lava." All surfaces damage the player, but you have infinite flight!

Project for Tyler Coleman's Game Modding class by:

  • Victor Do
  • Olivia Elmers
  • Maximilian Truty
screen shot from "Into the Wild Under" that features witches around a cauldron next to a bookshelf of spell books
Into the Under Wild

Into the Under Wild is a point-and-click game in development in which you play as the apprentice to a witch. Go on a quest to meet interesting characters in the Under Wild and retrieve items needed for a special potion. Discover the magical world for yourself in this first prototype.

Project for Professor Tyler Coleman's Game Scripting class by:

  • Carlos Arrazola
  • Connor Blankenship
  • Henry Toon
  • Joseph Horak
screen shot of Hill Country Minecraft biome featuring central Texas foliage, including bluebonnets and other wild flowers
Hill Country

Hill Country is a biome in Minecraft inspired by the Texas Hill Country, complete with new foliage (such as bluebonnets and prickly pear cacti), underground generation (such as limestone), and a new mob, the Armadillo!

Project for Professor Tyler Coleman's Game Modding class by:

  •  Khel Bagdasaryants
  •  Harrison Chung
  •  Zachary Gordon
  •  Alex Kong
  •  Alistair Sumstad
  •  Elián Sweeten
screen shot of GRVTY, a video game level created by AET students at UT Austin

GRVTY is a project created for Professor MJ Johns' Level Design class by:

  • Ian Thorne
  • Jackson Goodall
  • Noah Galloso
painting of a house in three-point perspective with acrylic paint by AET student Mariana Abreu
Perspective Painting on Canvas Pad

A painting of a house in three-point perspective by Mariana Abreu on a 16" x 20" canvas pad with acrylic paint. Created for Professor Karen Maness' Environmental Rendering class, in which all projects were produced by hand with scenic paint, pencil, or charcoal.

title image for "Spektacles" by Spectacular Games. created by Game Development and Design students at UT Austin

High school is tough... especially with a snake bun. Spektacles is a unique role-playing game that crosses the 2D Visual Novel & Action genres. Play as Melita, the daughter of Medusa, as she tries to navigate the world of Norse High in hopes of wooing her crush, Irving, the headless horse-kid. But be careful; high school isn't all fun and games. Watch out for students that might not be so warmhearted…

Game Development Capstone Project by Spectacular Games:

  • Kat Byers
  • Alex Carriles
  • Ben Clark
  • Zac Galer
  • Courtney Huynh
  • Jordan Jenkins
  • Sohee Katherine Na
  • Soumya Kovela
title image for "A Murder of Crows" by Birds of a Feather. created by Game Development and Design students at UT Austin
A Murder of Crows

A Murder of Crows follows Crowley Corvo as he investigates the mysterious death of businessman James Elk by looking for clues and speaking with the inhabitants of Cawtham City. Take on the underground mob in turn-based, grid-based combat, and solve the case all while concealing your own dark secret: the fact that you are three crows in a trench coat!

Game Development Capstone Project by Birds of a Feather:

  • Grace Carter
  • Madeline Fisher
  • Noah Galloso
  • Terry Nguyen
  • Colin Pool
  • Ian Thorne
  • Matthew Umana
title image for "Trust NoBirdy" by Wing It Studios. Created by Game Development and Design students at UT Austin
Trust NoBirdy

With a declining population of natural bird species, a humble pigeon, Ralph, must take to the streets to collect evidence of conspiracy theories, expose the government drones posed as birds, and take back what’s rightfully his. Waddle and hop through skyscrapers, sneak past those mean city cats, and don the tin foil hat. Remember, Trust NoBirdy!

Game Development Capstone Project by Wing It Studios:

  • Evelyn Barber
  • Jonathan Cope
  • Julian DeLaRosa
  • Reed Giunta
  • Madeline Huang
  • Maddy Kerr
  • Matthew Maxwell
title image for "Helltrail" by Brimfire Studios. created by Game Development and Design students at UT Austin

As the border between the afterlife and the mortal realm begins to weaken, the Divine has taken the opportunity to send a mortal, the only beings who can traverse both heaven and hell, to reclaim lost souls who have been improperly cast into the depths of Hell. In this action roguelike, guide Aiden as they travel through the first Circles of Hell to reclaim lost souls and defeat its most wicked demons.

Game Development Capstone Project by Brimfire Studios:

  • Peyton Breech
  • Skylore Evans
  • Presley Hoyl
  • Travis Scott
  • William Suh
  • Brinnah Welmaker
title image for "University of Adventure: Tiko’s Tail " by Trash Panda Studios. created by Game Development and Design students at UT Austin
University of Adventure: Tiko’s Tail

University of Adventure: Tiko's Tail is an action-adventure platformer. You are in the shoes of Tiko, an adorable raccoon, in order to discover secrets throughout the university and survive your exam.

Game Development Capstone Project by Trash Panda Studios:

  • Jordan Bogaards
  • Cooper Fryar
  • Caden Harman
  • Ean Herrera
  • Zach Yarbrough
text reads "Robot Show" and features 5 robots: Polka Dot, Michael, Jax. Music Jump Sing, and Robot Gael
Robot Show

Performance Robots is a course taught by Texas Performing Arts faculty J.E. Johnson and Karen Maness. Last semester, in order to pivot the course online, their students worked with children from Metz-Sánchez Elementary School and the UT Austin community to build robots that are controlled remotely by the internet via a IoT dashboard.

Get to know each robot in these four recorded performances:

AET alumnus Francisco Uribe operating a lighting console at Bee Cave BuzzFest
Bee Cave BuzzFest Reel

In December 2020, a group of Arts and Entertainment Technologies showcased their work at the inaugural Bee Cave BuzzFest. This video is a compilation of student work from across many Fall 2020 AET courses.

3D modeled and textured butcher's shop surrounded by with fish, meat, and tools/dishes by Yushan Sha
3D Modeling and Texturing Selected Projects

This gallery features student work from Isaac Oster's Fall 2020 3D modeling and texturing class. Students are able to repeat this class in order to improve their skills. Most of the monochromatic images are 3D sculpts created by students taking the class for the first time, while the colored images were made by more advanced students and represent modeling and texturing. 

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