Assistant Director for Business Development

Edgardo Irizarry is the Assistant Director for Business Development for the Executive and Extended Education unit in the School of Design and Creative Technologies at The University of Texas in Austin. Edgardo has 20 years of experience as an educator and organizational development and leadership consultant. Before UT, Edgardo worked as Director of Innovation for an educational company in Austin where he used his experience in virtual learning environments to design and lead curriculum development and program implementation focusing on entrepreneurial and leadership development, serving more than 9,100 participants. He has collaborated in the training of 100+ professionals in the successful execution of entrepreneurship programs and initiatives. Additionally, he has advised for and collaborated in the development and implementation of corporate strategies, establishing partnerships with school districts, local chambers of commerce and government agencies.

Edgardo is currently pursuing a Doctoral degree in Educational Policy and Planning at UT Austin. He earned a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

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