Executive Assistant, Executive and Extended Education

Cassidy C Browning has been a part of the College of Fine Arts (CoFA) since 2009 as a PhD student, teacher, and staff member. Her degree work at the University of Texas at Austin, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Illinois State University has spanned acting, theatre production, theatre history and criticism, pedagogy, critical race studies, feminism, and queer theory. Her professional work has included university teaching, theatre, the service industry, events, operations management, office management, film and arts festivals, and human resources. 

In her time at UT, she has been honored as a recipient of the annual CoFA Dean's Office Staff Excellence Award, the Texas Exes Teaching Award for the College of Fine Arts, recognition from Services for Students with Disabilities for offering support and guidance to students with disabilities, and several nominations for the CoFA Employee of the Semester Award.

Cassidy’s pedagogy and general ethos is to make the most inclusive space for as many people and possibilities as she can – which is one of the many ways in which she aligns with the mission, purpose, and values of Executive and Extended Education within the School of Design and Creative Technologies.

She serves as the Executive Assistant for the unit and is happy to guide you to the right team member for any of your inquiries.

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