Be Human: Branding & Designing in a Sensationalist Media Landscape with Matt Schoen

In a time of pandemics and political polarization, media, digital video and television is at a height of distrust and cynicism. Many people talk about empathy and human-centered design when it comes to products, but rarely is that lens focused on media.  

Matt Schoen, former Executive Design Director who founded VICE Media’s look, feel and design, will take you through personal stories —including embarrassments and failures —to arrive at a more human and empathetic approach to design and branding, specifically in the realm of media and video.

Date: December 8th, 2020
Time: 5:30 PM –8:00 PM CST
Modality: Virtual, Synchronous
Early Bird Price (Until 11/20/2020): $179.00
Regular Price (Until 12/1/2020): $199.00

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Learning Outcomes

After completing this workshop participants will get a better understanding of the branding process through:

  • Researching a brand through auditing similar brands
  • Getting the obvious out of the way to dig deeper
  • Finding inspiration through less safe and more lateral territories
  • Learning typical components that go into digital video and television
Matt Schoen headshot

About Matt

Matt is an award-winning designer and creative who founded and directed the look, feel and design of VICE Media. He was the company’s first designer who built the art department as it grew into a global youth media empire. After 15 years there and many accolades he moved from New York to Austin to do his Texas version of “Eat Pray Love.”


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