Chloe Alviar (left) and Isaac Gonzalez (right)

Meet Chloe Alviar and Isaac Gonzalez, two Arts and Entertainment Technologies (AET) students with an emphasis in Music and Sound who discovered they work together in perfect harmony.

Chloe, a sophomore, wrote her first song at only 7 years old. At the time, she "wanted to be Hannah Montana." She began working with her first vocal coach at 14, the daughter of whom eventually became Chloe's collaborator and co-writer. While she loved performing, her family encouraged her to get a college degree. AET provided the opportunity to study what she loved at UT Austin.

Isaac Gonzalez, a senior, began writing songs during his junior year of high school but didn't sit down at a piano until college. Once he did, he was hooked; he practiced for an average of four hours each day, and he refrained from joining any student organizations or dating. During his junior year at SDCT, he started venturing into music production.

The pair met through a mutual friend in an AET Colloquium class during the Spring 2019 semester and have been writing together since February. When it comes to their process, they are an equal songwriting team. Chloe writes lyrics, and Isaac writes melodies. Then Isaac records and produces the final product.

They recorded their first song, "Blame," in the Foundry recording studio. It is is one of several tracks the duo has collaborated on. You can listen to "Blame" here:

[Caption: Chloe Alviar's voice starts over an electronic piano and synthesizer. A beat kicks in and the song's energy ramps up into the chorus. Instrumentation continues to build before dropping out during the bridge. The track crescendos into a post-chorus, which is sustained through the end of the song.]

When asked how SDCT has helped them pursue their passions, they were quick to share their positive experiences as AET students.

"It was cool to meet someone so early on at SDCT that is now a partner in music," Chloe said. “In today’s world, it’s really easy to DIY, so it’s almost harder to get somewhere with it. [SDCT is] a place to go to learn things that I want to know."

Isaac attributed much of his growth to instructors like Jack Stamps, one-on-one mentoring by Chris Ozley, and a computer lab with "all the plugins."

In the future, both Chloe and Isaac plan to pursue music beyond their time at SDCT. Chloe wants to be a full-time musician, hone her production skills, meet more people in the industry, and continue writing as much as possible. Upon graduating in the spring, Isaac plans to get a full-time job and create music outside of work.

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