Graduate Design Career Coach and Employment Relations Specialist

Angella is a trusted advisor with a passion for empowering individuals and community stakeholders towards increased cultural and business value. In her role as a Graduate Design Career Coach and Employment Relations Specialist, Angella works closely with Design graduate students on career readiness for the “Now of Work” and on activating employment channels of engagement for the School of Design and Creative Technologies.

Forging a transformative career, Angella has a background in product design and management, solution architecture, program activation and fine arts. She brings decades of experience in propelling individuals, teams, products and strategic initiatives for start-ups, international non-profits and Fortune 100 companies.

Career milestones include her time at General Electric, where she formulated a new product introduction strategy and alliance between two global manufacturers to address regulation and compliance requirements for 7000+ U.S. customers. As a solution consultant with Oracle, Angella led the design and cross-department collaboration and delivery of an international standards framework. This business process model significantly influenced the enterprise product integration roadmap and became a widely used toolkit for orchestrating strategic program implementations.

Prior to joining the School of Design and Creative Technologies, Angella founded Stay Local Austin, a local hospitality brand and experience company where she is currently leading the development of a new executive retreat venue called the Texas CEO Ranch. She earned a Master's in Fine Arts from the University of Houston and a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Arts from Stephen F. Austin.

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