2D artwork of casette tape surrounded by clouds. text reads "16:20 before i am now"
Ále Acevedo: before i am now

Course: Personal Project / AET 321C Audio Processing
Faculty: Chris Ozley

About the Project: "'before i am now' is an EP where I set out to finalize various demos I have made through the years with my newfound understanding of the sonic realm and with my new equipment. It entirely consists of ambient tracks meant to create the sense of being in various abstract spaces. The last track is a faithful recreation of an 8-bit piece, using the proper hardware and all. This was the first song I ever made and I felt it was fitting to leave it untouched on release."

text reads "Avinash the Last Avocado"
Avinash The Last Avocado

Group Members: Abhay Ram, Angel Jiminez, Neil Potnis

Course: AET 334C Level Design
Faculty: MJ Johns

About the Project: Avinash The Last Avocado is a 3D mobile application game where the player has to place action items in real time to progress, avoid obstacles, and eventually reach the end of the map. AET students Abhay Ram, Angel Jiminez, and Neil Potnis took about two months to develop the game. They all worked on the level design and story and distributed tasks to work on the scripting, user interface, and placement of environment art.

text reads "The Chocolate Machine"
Chloe Pertuit: The Chocolate Machine

Course: AET 306 Foundations of Digital Imaging & Visualization
Faculty: Greg Hervey

About the Project: "I created a motion graphic inspired by the documentary 'The Dark Side of Chocolate,' which follows the illegal child labor trade that is extensively tied to the production of chocolate. It contrasts the lives of two young children. One indulges in the product created at the expense of the other's labor."

black and white photo of Colin Pool with lime green eyes and mask over mouth that resembles a skull
Colin Pool: SoundCloud

Course: AET 341D Digital Musicianship
Faculty: Samuel Lipman

About the Project: "This is a link to my SoundCloud. It includes all of the original work I've done over the past 6 years. I have yet to upload all of them but I have a fair number of songs that people may find interesting."

concept art by Ainsley Johnston. Text reads "A Triad of Tension by Ainsley Johnston"
Coral City Compilation

Group Members: Aaron Venne, Ainsley Johnston, Andres Molina, Ashley Liu, Carolina Pereira, Chloe Alviar, Eunhye Kim, Jaclyn Ngo, Hernan Rovner, Kyle Kosanovich, Max Eigen, Presley Hoyl, Sanchi Sinha, Sofia Suerkan, Vivienne Leow

Course: AET 315 Foundations of Design
Faculty: Honoria Starbuck

About the Project: Early on in the semester, the students of AET 315 decided on two final project "worlds" that members of each group helped build and flesh out over the course of the class. This compilation is a collection of all the work one group created for the world of Coral City, an underwater kingdom with its own culture, traditions, media, and stories. Ranging from detailed long-form writing to elaborate concept art, our video showcases the process of group-based worldbuilding through each project's inception to its final result.

screenshot from AET student Hernan Rovner's music video for Coral City
Hernan Rovner: Coral City

Course: AET 315 Foundations of Design
Faculty: Honoria Starbuck

About the Project: This music video created by AET student Hernan Rovner showcases the dark setting of a forgotten area of AET 315's artificial world, Coral City. The video utilizes design features of various sorts to display desolate visuals complimented by a piece of atmospheric sonic expression.

text reads "It's About Thyme"
It's About Thyme

Group Members: Ethan Godwin, Pete Cimino, Weston Wright

Course: AET 334K Game Prototyping
Faculty: MJ Johns

About the Project: "It's About Thyme" is a short prototype for a 2D puzzle platformer in which the player controls a thyme bandit: a thief who steals thyme by traveling through time! The player must switch between past and present versions of the level to get past obstacles and solve puzzles, all in order to escape the warehouse they stole the thyme from before time runs out.

screenshot of interactive 3D "Eco-Friendly Robot" by AET student Jake Nguyen
Jake Nguyen: Eco-Friendly Robot

Course: AET 339 Digital Production Art 3-D 
Faculty: Dax Norman

About the Project: "For Dax Norman's 3D Art Production final, students had to 3D model, texture, rig, and animate an original character. So for this project, I created Eco-Friendly Robot, a robot who travels the galaxy to help take care of plants! This animation shows them watering an entire mini planet's potted plant population."

digital painting of a head that is open, filled with dirt, and holding a flower like a flower pot by AET student Jasmine Dillard
Jasmine Dillard: Digital Paintings

Course: AET 339 Digital Painting
Faculty: Dax Norman

About the Project: "This set of four digital paintings is intended to represent my depression. It's fairly easy to see the general symptoms from the outside, but it's harder to see how the disease affects individual people and harder still for those people to try to express their feelings in words or pictures. Depression is unfortunately much more than just sadness. I hope to have captured that."

painting depicting hell. many people appear to be in pain in a dark and firey place
Kaedon Harrell: Exploring Hell

Course: AET 323E Video Game Audio I
Faculty: Samuel Lipman

About the Project: "A soundscape of damned souls working in Hell while someone explores. The tribal drums beat as the trapped work for eternity. This project was all made using recorded sounds from the Butler School of Music and using Kontact to edit and implement the sounds."

text reads "To Raise A Robot Short Film" next to animated boy robot
Kasey Wu: To Raise A Robot

Course: AET 306 Foundations of Visualization
Faculty: Greg Hervey

About the Project: "My project is an animated short film about an inventor who builds himself a robot son. The inventor and his robot child spend time together doing father-son activities and become very close. Unfortunately, humans don't have very long lifespans compared to robots..."

screenshot of AET senior Kyle Kosanovich's light show for Matt Smith's Fall 2019 class
Kyle Kosanovich: 'Belleville' Light Show

Course: AET 348C Live Event Engineering
Faculty: Matt Smith

About the Project: "The goal of the project was to use lighting and projection networking to design a performance to a song of your choice with the press of a play button. I created a concert lighting show with full back projections, designed to the song 'Belleville' by Knocked Loose. A main parameter was to keep the focus on the performer mannequin centered in the middle."

screenshot of Matthew Maxwell's Rotor audio plugin in action
Matthew Maxwell: Rotor

Course: Personal Project
Faculty: Chris Ozley

About the Project: Rotor is a variable waveform ring modulation plugin that was built using JUCE, a robust and powerful C++ framework. It features modern wavetable synthesis for generating modulation signals, a wide palette of wave shapes (sine, triangle, sawtooth, square, and semi-sine), coupled with a completely custom-designed graphical user interface for a smooth and intuitive user experience. The plugin is available in both VST3 and AU formats with a standard 64-bit configuration. The files can be downloaded here.

screenshot of Medieval Detective VR game created by AET students. player is standing in a medieval corridor. text reads "look for fruits of previous labors"
Medieval Detective VR

Group Members: Katherine Byers, Mary Gerik, Olivia Elmers

Course: AET 335K Virtual Reality for Games
Faculty: MJ Johns

About the Project: A medieval themed VR hidden object simulator where the player explores a dungeon collecting clues about what had occurred prior to the start of the game.

3D rendering of AET student Oscar Leal's fictional live events venue, "Kosmos"
Oscar Leal: Kosmos

Course: AET 344D 3-D Previsualization
Faculty: Matt Smith

About the Project: "This project entailed designing and drafting an original venue for live performance and importing this environment into visualization software (Vectorworks). My project specifically consists of a venue I named Kosmos. The venue has a mix of both Greek and modern styles. Kosmos is a two-story venue: the first floor is the main lobby area and the second is the performance area. I created 2D ground plans and a fully rendered 3D space to showcase my venue in detail."

still frame from Paola Flores' Conductor Rotoscope, an animation of Gustavo Dudamel conducting Beethoven's 5th Symphony (1st Movement).
Paola Flores: Conductor Rotoscope

Course: AET 325C Intro to 2D Animation 
Faculty: Neal Daugherty

About the Project: A 20 second Rotoscope Animation of Gustavo Dudamel conducting Beethoven's 5th symphony. This animation was entirely done through Photoshop and is inspired by the conductor's fluid movements and his similarities to that of a magician.

screenshot from "Psysis," an original game created by AET students during the 2019-2020 academic year

Group Members: Ethan Godwin, Jordan Jenkins, Pete Cimino, Victor Do

Course: AET 334K Game Prototyping
Faculty: MJ Johns

About the Project: "Psysis" is a short narrative game prototype that follows the story of two teenage brothers, Carlos and Freddy, who go to investigate the mysterious disappearances of boats that have been passing through an area of the ocean near where they live. In the process, they crash on an island, but as they investigate the island further, they begin to unravel the mystery of the disappearing boats. The player controls the brothers as they explore the island and gather resources to defeat enemies and navigate obstacles. Carlos takes on the role of fighting the monsters they encounter, while Freddy crafts tools for him to work with with the resources they find.

mockups of Qaranteams, an app created by AET students at UT Austin

Group Members: Cole Fortson, Shaylon Elmore, Stephanie Wilhite

Course: AET 339 Design Studio
Faculty: Michael Baker, Kyle Evans, and J.E. Johnson

About the Project: An app conceptualized by a group of UT Austin students aimed at motivating self-quarantine and maintaining social distancing practices to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

2D botanical collage with contour lines and custom brushes by AET student Sanchi Sinha
Sanchi Sinha: Process Collection

Course: AET 319 Intro to Digital Drawing
Faculty: Dax Norman

About the Project: "This is a collection of drawings I made during the course of the class."

screenshot from AET student Weston Wright's Portals prototype, featuring a cube that teleports through portals that look like doorframes
Weston Wright: Portals Prototype

Course: AET 334F Video Game Scripting
Faculty: MJ Johns

About the Project: Created by AET student Weston Wright, this prototype of a portal system allows the player to move through portals, changing their position scale and rotation. The portals can also teleport objects while the player is holding them.

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