AET Senior Design Project

Showcase attendee plays interactive student video game "Escape the Cutout"

AET 372/373 Senior Design Project I & II

Fall and spring semesters, 3 hours per week. Prerequisites: Completion of all core AET coursework, including AET 101, 102, 103, 304, 310 and three lower division courses.

Course Objectives and Outcomes

This experience is meant to build on your acquired knowledge and skills and facilitate creation of a collaborative team project that would serve as a calling card to future employers or graduate schools.

Course Overview

Students will work on a project in teams of 3-4 people, bringing to it the skills they have acquired in previous years. Each team proposes their project in writing. Once the project is approved, the team is responsible for the concept, technical drawings/ prototypes, design, testing, implementation and presentation of their project. In addition, each team will create an online presentation of their project showcasing their research, development, documentation, and outcomes of their project. Some projects will be sponsored by industry professionals and represent current areas of concern to the sponsors. Occasionally, faculty members may propose an idea for the project. At the end of the semester, all students are required to write a reflection paper.

Learning goals will include:

  • Utilize your experience and knowledge in the creation of original work or working on an industry project
  • Gain experience in the design process from start to finish
  • Demonstrate effective collaboration and effective communication with team members
  • Conduct independent research
  • Present your completed projects in a professional manner
  • Start preparing for the job market

Senior Design Project FAQ

Who can take this class?

Senior students only. Completion of all core AET coursework. That includes AET 101, 102, 103, 304, 310 and three lower division courses.

How is it different from the Senior Thesis?

The Senior Thesis is only for students wishing to pursue research on an AET topic. This course is team-based production.

Can I do one of these and a Game Development Capstone or Thesis?

Yes, any combination of two of these senior level capstone courses may be taken. You will need to complete two with a satisfactory grade to graduate.

Do I need to take Senior Project I in order to take Senior Project II?

No, these are two separate projects, independent from each other.

Do I have to take Senior Project II after taking Senior Project I?

No, these are two separate projects, independent from each other.

Can I continue working on the project I started in Senior Project I in Senior Project II?

Continuation of the same project can only happen if approved by the instructor and faculty advisor.

Can I work in teams? How many in a team?

This class is only team based. No solo work will be allowed. The Thesis course and Independent study are for solo work. There will be up about five teams with around 3-4 students per team.

Where do I create the project? Can I use the Foundry? The DFA A/V studio? PLAI Lab? Other?

Most projects will be developed in suitable spaces and facilities within AET. PLAI Lab facility and equipment use will be overseen by Matt Smith.

What kinds of projects will be acceptable?

Students will work on a project in teams of 3-4 people, bringing the skills they have acquired in previous years. Each group, once formed, must decide collectively the project. Each team is responsible for the concept, design, testing and presentation of the project. Each project has to be approved by both, the advisor and the instructor.

What are some examples of projects?

Anything that fits the AET ethos, which is creating audio-visual (and touch) experiences using technology.

Who will mentor these?

In addition to the instructor, each group is required to find an adviser for their project who will mentor the project throughout the semester. You are required to meet with your adviser at least three times a semester. The project adviser should be a faculty member from a corresponding area or in case of sponsored project an industry professional. Each time you must report your adviser’s feedback on your project. Project adviser’s feedback will be used to determine final grades.

Are there funds for materials?

Teams can apply to the Chair for funding up to $250.00 per project.

Will there be a public presentation?

Yes, there will be a public presentation at the end of the semester. Location TBA.

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