CID Graduate Level Courses

Graduate Courses

The courses listed are open to students from any college but are for graduate students only.

ITD 380 Design Thinking
APPLICATION REQUIRED – see below for instructions

Unique: 20945        
Instructor: Jon Freach    
Room: DFA 4.112    
Day/Time: Mondays 6:00-9:00 pm   

Application Instructions: Submit a resume and a letter of interest (include EID) answering the question: How do you plan to integrate this course into your graduate work? Send all application materials to

Course Description: What is design thinking? Most of our daily experience is the result of design, intentional or not. It’s a persistent act. We deal with the consequences all the time. In practice, design is first an act of thinking. Then, those thoughts are applied to the act of making – a product, service, place or experience, like going to Disney World. Design is at its best when designers are thinking and making with people in mind. So, a human-centered mindset is a core attribute of design thinking. Design is at its worst when it’s an afterthought, such as a confusing tax form or most ATMs. In this course, students learn the principles of design thinking and apply them to real-world problems while working in interdisciplinary teams. Students learn how to frame problems, learn about people and their behaviors, then apply those insights to improve products and services through rapid prototyping and iteration. Students from all degree programs are welcome.

ITD 390 Design for Health

Unique: 20950        
Instructor: Jose Colucci, Jr.
Room: Health Discovery Building, HDB 1.202
Day/Time: Mondays 9:00am-12:00 noon    

Course Description: Exploration of creative design-based approaches and problem-solving methods and their application to solving contemporary health care challenges. This course does not require an application, however it does have prerequisites: Graduate standing and Integrated Design 380, or consent of instructor.

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